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Our goal is to make vehicle shipping as fast, safe and cost effective as possible.

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Why Choose Us for Auto Shipping?

Car Shipping & Sales has over 10 years of experience in the auto transport business. We are committed to customer satisfaction and will ensure that your experience with us will be pleasant and hassle-free. From the time you first contact us about shipping to the time of delivery, you'll be dealing with professional and courteous transporters who value both your vehicle and your business.

No Up Front Deposit Required

You do not pay a penny until your vehicle has been assigned to a carrier and a pick-up time has been scheduled. Have you ever been paid up front for work that you perform for your employer? So why would you pay a fee up front when there are reliable and trustworthy companies like ours that won't charge you until we assign your shipment to a carrier for pick-up?

Fully Insured Transportation

Your vehicle will be fully insured for the entire duration of your transportation. By law, the transporter will carry a minimum of $750,000 public liability insurance. The actual amount of insurance coverage depends on the carrier assigned to your shipment. There is never any additional cost for insurance coverage.

Reliable & Experienced Pro's

Our network of over 3,500 certified auto transport professionals includes all types of carriers and shipping experts. Our experienced dispatchers work around the clock to ensure that each and every shipment is handled correctly from start to finish. We have the resources available to quickly and safely transport any vehicle, motorcycle, boat, equipment, machinery, RV, ATV, snowmobile or trailer!

Industry Leading Transport Services

At Car Shipping & Sales, we specialize in competitive yet accurate pricing which will achieve your vehicle transport with zero complications. It’s easy with our friendly sales agents, devoted drivers, and customer service representatives.

Coast to Coast Transportation
We offer a complete door to door service, picking up your vehicle from your desired location and safely delivering to your destination.
Expedited Services
We also have an available Expedite service guaranteeing the pickup of your vehicle within 24-72 hours of your order placement.
Unique Transport Options
Do you have specific transport needs such as seasonal “snow bird” transport, army relocation, job transfer and overseas car shipping? We can help.
Global Transportoration Capabilities
International auto shipping services to most countries are available and we can arrange for vehicle pickups throughout the USA and Canada.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Mark Merino

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for a great service. Both quality and reliability are the most important factors when looking for a shipper and Car Shipping & Sales has proven to be our best choice. I just wanted to take a moment and thank someone there, please share my message, we are very happy with your service. Look forward to more business with you in the future. Thank You!

William Houser

I buy a car in Florida on Tuesday and it’s on my lot Wednesday morning. Car Shipping & Sales has now set a new Expedited service. I’m impressed!

Jeff Rodriguez

I was completely satisfied with exceptional service and cost. This was the first time I ever used Car Shipping & Sales and I would use them again.

Chris Massey

The company text me on updates thru the transport time from the pick up of the car till the delivery of the car. Well informed of the price and no change of the price. Heard of companies changing the price of car being transported to the delivery. The Price was exactly what they quoted me. Very happy with the customer service of the company on all the updates. Thank you.

Rita Bennett

I recently moved my car from TX to MI with the help Car Shipping & Sales. Pick up and delivery was on time. They delivered car in proper condition and no scratches or marks on car.

Lori Bakker

Vera was great to work with. She was very knowledgeable and quick to get answers to my many questions. The pickup and delivery times were right on what she said they would be and the driver called ahead early to tell me what he expected his arrival time would be later in the day. Thank you!

Robert Gorison

I was very satisfied with the total process. Really impressive. Great customer service and I received my car in a great condition. Thank you

Jum Longman

Using Car Shipping & Sales was simple and easy and the driver came on time and delivered on time with no problems. Driver was respectful and inspected car with me to ensure everything would be documented. Would recommend anyone to use this company, just call and let them do the rest for you. Don't waste your time with other Transport company go ahead and use them for fast service and peace of mind trust people, they took good care of me and I am very satisfied. Thank you

Auto Transport Check List
  • Make sure that you have a complete set of keys for the auto shipping company, and a full extra set for yourself.
  • If you are transporting a classic, custom, rare, exotic, or otherwise expensive vehicle, go for the enclosed transport if you can… it will be worth the extra cost!
  • Clean your vehicle before drop off to ensure a proper inspection and clear documentation of your cars physical condition.
  • Check your battery to make sure it’s fully charged and securely mounted.
  • Check the obvious places for fluid leaks; oil, transmission fluid, etc.
  • Disable and or disconnect your car alarm.
  • Prepare your vehicle for its' new climate; you might consider changing the oil, coolant, and possibly other fluids.
  • Remove and/or retract you car antennas.
  • Remove all personal items from your automobile.
  • Provide a complete set of keys to your auto shipper; ignition, door, etc.
  • Make sure that you have a complete set of keys for the auto shipping company, and a full extra set for yourself.
  • Remove any audio equipment, car phones,and garage door openers that aren’t built in.
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